Links to genealogy related pages

Scandinavian genealogy pages

* Alf Christophersen
* Arkivverket (Finland)
* The Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian - American page of Genealogy

Genealogy Software pages

* Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software
* Genealogy software site

Personal genealogy homepages

* Genealogy Home Page
* Acadian Genealogy Homepage
* Our Family Museum: A Collection of Family History Notes
* Greenwood Family History
* Jeff Alvey Genealogy History

Miscellaneous genealogy links

* Australian Family History Compendium - Genealogy in Australia
* American Family Immigration History Center
* - Online Genealogy Community
* Cool Sites for Genealogists
* The Australian Family History Compendium
* HisKi project (Finland)
* The U.S. Civil War Center

Genealogy societies homepages

* The Genealogical Society of Finland
* RAND Genealogy Club
* Austin Families Association of America (AFAOA)

Government genealogy sites

* Odessa - A German Russian Genealogical Library
* U. S. Census Bureau
* U.S. National Archives
* Government Records: Population Census, Tax Digests, Slaveowner Census, and Free Black Registry
* RootsWeb Surname List
* TIGER Mapping Service
* The Hargarett Library Rare Map Collection

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