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Short Swedish History

10000-6000 BC: Groups of stoneage hunters and gatherer spreads over Sweden.
4000 BC: Farming makes its entry in southern Sweden.
800-1050 AD: Vikings goes on crusades mostly in Russia and Eastroman empire.
the end of 1300-century: The island of Gotland becomes part of Sweden.
ca 1300-1809: Finland belongs to Sweden.
1320: Skåne, Northhalland and Blekinge is conquered from Denmark.
ca 1357: Denmark conqueres the previous danish areas and Gotland.
1389-1521: The Kalmarunion (Danish-norwegian-swedish union which Sweden broke out several times).
1561: Swedish troops occupies Reval and large parts of Estonia.
1611-1718: Great power era, Sweden reaches it's largest size.
1617: At the peace in Stolbova Sweden gets to keep Kexholms county and Ingermanlad.
1629: At the peace in Altmark Sweden gets to keep Livland, Riga and the areas at Njemens and Weichels mouth.
1645: At the peace in Brömsebro Sweden got from Denmark-Norway Jämtland, Härjedalen, Gotland, Ösel and (for 30 years) Halland.
1648: At the westfalian peace Sweden gets the areas around the mouth of Oder and Weser.
1658: At the peace in Roskilde Sweden got from Denmark-Norway Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and Bohuslän.
1721: At the peace in Nystad Sweden lost the baltic provinses and parts of the Karelén to Rusia.
1772: Gustav III coup d'état. Part of the new constitution is freedom of speech and religion.
1809: The Rusians conquers Finland.
1814-1905: Swedish-norwegian union.
1901: Compulsory military service.
1909: Men get general right to vote.
1921: Women's suffrage.
1950-talet: Large immigration of finns.
1995: Sweden joins EU.

Short Norwegian History

9000-8000 BC: Groups of stoneage hunters and gatherer along the norwegian coast.
3000 BC: Farming makes its entry in southeast Norway.
800-1000 AD: Norway launches Viking expeditions and christianize.
1260-talet: Greenland and Iceland recognises the norwegian king and Norway reaches it's largest size.
1380-1814: Danish-norwegian union.
1389-1521: The Kalmarunion (Danish-norwegian-swedish union).
1645: Norway loses Jämtland and Härjedalen to Sweden.
1658: Norway loses Bohuslän to Sweden.
1814-1905: Swedish-norwaegian union.
1898: Men get general right to vote.
1913: Women's suffrage.
1940: German occupies Norway.
1945: German surrenders.
1970: Norway becomes a oilnation.
1972: No to EU in popular vote.

Short Finnish History

100-800 AD: Finnish tribes immigrates from Estonia and the areas south of Ladoga.
ca 1300-1809: Finland belongs to Sweden.
1550: Gustav Vasa founds Helsinki.
1695-97: Year of famine. One fourth of the population dies from hunger.
1809-1917: Finland becomes a russian Grand Duchy, but the country gets a relativly free position.
1906: Women's suffrage.
1917: After the Novemberrevolution in Russia Finland proclaim it self as a independent republic.
1921: After a decision in the League of Nation Finland gets sovereign over the previous swedish Åland icelands.
November 1939-Mars 1940: During World War II Finland was in war with Soviet "The Vinter War".
Juni 1941-September 1944: War against Soviet.
1956: The Sovietunion gives back the Porkala area.

Short Danish History

ca 800 AD: The area north of the river Eider is united to a kingdom under Godfred. The Viking Age starts. The country becomes divided again.
950-985: Denmark is united again under Harald Blåtand which also conquers a large part of Norway.
1340-75: Valdemar Atterdag unites the kingdom again and conquers Gotland.
1389-1521: The Kalmarunion (Danish-norwegian-swedish union).
1536: The Reformation.
1563-70: The nordic sevenyearswar between Sweden and Denmark.
1645: At the peace in Brömsebro Sweden got from Denmark-Norway Jämtland, Härjedalen, Gotland, Ösel and (for 30 years) Halland.
1658: At the peace in Roskilde Sweden got from Denmark-Norway Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and Bohuslän.
1675-79: The Skåne war. Denmark doesn't suceed in reconquer Skåne.
1721: Slesvig comes under the danish crown.
1864: Denmark loses Slesvig-Holstein to Preussen and Austria.
1915: Universal suffrage.
1914-18: Denmark neutral during World War I.
1940-45: Denmark occupies by the germans.
1944: Iceland declares it's independcy.
1948: The Faroe Islands gets autonomy.
1949: Denmark becomes member of NATO.
1973: Denmark becomes member of EG.
1979: Greenland gets local self-government.

Short Icelandic History

ca 790: Irish monks comes to the island.
ca 850: The norwegian viking Naddodd and the swede Gardar Svavarsson discovers the country.
ca 870: The norwegian Ingolv Arnes from Fjaler establish the first habitation.
ca 870-930: "The Landnaming time" Immigrants, mostly are norwegian magnate, take possession of the whole island.
930: The first Allting assemble. Populaation is ca 20000.
ca 985: The Icelandare Erik The Red discovers Greenland.
1220-35: Snorre Sturlason writes kungasagorna.
1262: The Allting recognises Norways king as Icelands ruler.
1380: Iceland follows Norway in the union with Danmark.
1402-04: The Reformation.
1662: The Allting gives the danish king absolute power.
1783-85: Volcanic eruption, earthquake and plauge ravages the country. One fifth of the population dies.
1800: The Allting is abolished.
1814: At the peace in Kiel Norway is given to the king of Sweden, but Iceland remains under the danish crown.
1843: The Allting is restored.
1918: The 30 of November Iceland is restored as sovereign power. Denmark will however continue handling foreign affairs.
1940: The 10 of May Iceland is occupied by british troops.
1941: American troops replaces the british.
1944: The 17 of June the republic of Iceland is proclaimed.
1949: Iceland joins NATO.
1951: According to a agrement USA shall have the responsibilty for Icelands defense.
1972: "The codfish war" breaks out when Iceland expands it's fishingboarder.

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