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since December 9, 1996

Welcome to our genealogy homepage. On this page you can read about our own research of our family history. They are mostly from Medelpad, Hälsingland, Ångermanland and Småland in Sweden. We now have over 100 000 persons in our database and we are always looking for more. On our homepage we also have some other pages besides the usual linkpage. One page explains swedish records. Not all pages are translated into english.

Here you can check out our ancestors and see if we are related (We now have 1967 ancestors).
Updated Nov 10, 2012.

You can also go to a list over the surnames for our ancestors.
Updated Nov 10, 2012.

Here is a list of which parishes our ancestors were noted in.
Updated Mar 4, 2005.

A page with biographies of our priest ancestors (only in Swedish).
Updated Oct 14, 2003.

Here is some material about the priestfamily Hornaeus in Ångermanland (only in Swedish).
Updated Sep 20, 2000.

The Homepage for the Palm family in Southern Norrland (only in Swedish).
Updated May 12, 2011.

Descendants for some of the familys we´re researching (only in Swedish).
Updated Jun 4, 2008.

Here is a list of our relatives who emigrated to North America.
Updated May 9, 2003.

Here are some of the registers we have done.
Updated Oct 12, 2012.

Härnösands Stifts Herdaminne
Her we have published Leonard Bygdén's Härnösands Stifts Herdaminne. The herdaminne contains biographies for priests in the north of Sweden.
Updated Oct 15, 2004.

A guide to genealogy in Sweden.

A genealogical dictionary.

Some of the Swedish archives we have visited (only in Swedish).

Nordic History
I have compiled a short nordic history.

Here is a short list of what some old occupations means (only in Swedish).

Estate Inventory
Here you can read how estate inventories can help you in your genealogical research (only in Swedish).

Swedish Links
Here are some Swedish genealogy links.
Updated Nov 28, 2006.

Other Links
Here are some other genealogy links.
Updated Apr 28, 2003.

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Map-swed.jpg is a picture of Sweden with Sundsvall in the middle.
Njurunda.jpg is a picture of the church in Njurunda.
Old_njur.jpg is a map of the old villages in Njurunda.

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